Generally speaking, TENS pads should be placed around the perimeter of the area that needs treatment, but you should try to leave at least 5cm between electrodes. This allows the current to travel through the affected tissues. In other words, you stick them on wherever you feel discomfort. Some conditions can have more than one way to place TENS pads, and you can choose any of the options. But you should keep in mind the cautions.

You can download the quick guide here: TENS Pad Placement Quik Guide.PDF

● Use Low Power Mode for treatments above the shoulders.
● Never place the pads on your eyes or over your heart.
● Be cautious when using TENS pads on the head. Stop treatment immediately if you feel any sensation or tingling.
● If you have a pacemaker or an implanted pump, are pregnant, or suffer from seizures, do NOT use a MicroGen.
● If you suffer from impaired liver or kidney functions, please exercise caution when using MicroGen.
● Place the TENS pads on clean and dry skin. Do not use skin products.
● Pads should never be used when wet and must be dried before using.
● Avoid hairy areas, open wounds, and scarred skin areas.
● Never place a pad directly over a joint, including elbows, knees, and ankles.
● Never use a damaged pad. Replace it with new ones.

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