Ideally, the TENS pads should be placed parallel to a blood vessel. Common locations are the wrist or behind the inside ankle bone of both feet. The best locations will have a pulse. The following pictures show the three recommended ways for TENS pad placement.

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    Hi, is the placement of the PADS best below or above the inside of the ankles? I think that showing an image would always be helpful when sharing information about TENS pad placement. Thank you


    Hi again,

    Regarding the placement on the wrists and further up…is this on the underside of the arm or the upper side? And, is it slightly above the wrist, rather than on top of the wrist? I thought I read somewhere else that the TENS pads should not be placed over joints…?

    Thank you

    • heaweasupport

      Two TENS pads are placed on the inside of the wrist. One TENS pad is placed over the radial artery on the thumb side of the wrist, and the other electrode is placed over the ulnar artery on the little finger side of the wrist.

      • Krzysztof Hołdyński

        So this is not true anymore ? “There are two “ideal” places to place the TENS pads. One is on your arm: one pad on your wrist, and the other further up your arm. In this way, your blood is exposed to the healing frequencies for longer, because it is in line with your veins. The second place is on the insides of both ankles. This is the best of the two options.”

        There is so many options, but which one placement is the best one ?


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