Choose the Low Power button when you have programs with low frequencies, and you want the real low frequencies, not the painless harmonics the High Power button uses. Also, even if you have high frequencies, if you want to treat your neck or head or other sensitive parts (you get to decide what is sensitive), choose Low Power everything. The other time to choose Low Power if you want to play with the ATP production of microcurrents, or you want to play/experiment with the Frequency Specify Microcurrent (FSM) program
You choose High Power when you have high frequencies (say over 12 kHz, though 20 kHz would be safer) and you are not treating one of the earlier mentioned sensitive parts.
I asked HeaWea and the difference they told me was the low power cable has a resistor in it to limit the amount of power that can flow through it. Just asked what the limit is but haven’t heard back yet. My guess is the resistor ensures you don’t get too much juice above the shoulders and/or to ensure no surprises if you’re very sensitive.

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