● Do not pull the TENS cable when unplugging from the TENS pads or the MicroGen main unit. Pull the plug instead to avoid damage.

● Use Low Power Mode for treatments above the shoulders.

● Use Low Power Mode if you want to sleep during treatments.

● TENS pads are manufactured with a self-adhering gel. The additional gel should not be used. Keep your TENS pads clean and dry at all times. Do not immerse TENS pads in water.

● Place the TENS pads on clean and dry skin. Do not use skin products.

● Do not use MicroGen during pregnancy or if you have a pacemaker, implanted pump, or suffer from seizures.

● Be cautious when using TENS pads on the head or over the heart. Stop treatment immediately if you feel any sensation or tingling.

● If you suffer from impaired liver or kidney functions, please exercise caution when using MicroGen. Caution = lower power and shorter durations to begin with. Drink more water, take activated carbon tablets, stopping if they feel unwell. That sort of thing.

● Frequency generation systems should NEVER be used while pregnant.

● Please do not operate MicroGen while driving or using dangerous machinery.

● Please keep MicroGen out of the reach of children.

● If you feel nauseous, faint, dizzy, or have ‘flu-like symptoms’ or headaches after exposures to MicroGen’s frequencies, please drink lots of pure water and shorten your future treatment session times appropriately.

● In general, it is best to experiment with MicroGen before about 5pm because the excitation effects of frequencies on human cells can affect sleep. However, depending on the nature of your experimentation, programs can be run overnight if desired.

● Finally, when experimenting with MicroGen or any other frequency generation system, proper hydration will produce better results. As a general rule, it’s best to drink 4-8 pints of pure water daily, half of it before noon.

On behalf of all the people who assisted in the development of MicroGen, we wish you all a long and healthy life.

The HeaWea Team

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