Yes, you can run blood purifier program.

No live pathogens are being injected. Only fragments of pathogens in the form of proteins. The Moderna and Pfizer vaccines use messenger RNA, or mRNA. mRNA vaccines do not contain a live virus — they give our bodies “instructions” for how to make and fight the harmless spike-shaped proteins that will protect against a COVID-19 infection. While these vaccines use new technology, researchers have been studying them for decades.

The Johnson & Johnson/Janssen vaccine is a viral vector vaccine and also does not contain a live virus. It uses a harmless adenovirus to create a spike protein that the immune system responds to, creating antibodies to protect against COVID-19. Conjugates in the vaccine are harmful to our health. This is the biggest concern for most people. Mercury, egg whites, and other junk are in vaccines. It is best to get rid of these.

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