1. Fill a bucket 1/4 full with warm water (purified water)

2. Connect the hand cylinders to MicroGen with the High Power Cable.

3. Place one hand cylinder in the water. Make sure the cable and plug do NOT touch the water.

4. Place both feet in the water.

5. Hold the other hand cylinder with your hand.

6. Select a program of your choice and run High Power Mode.

7. Start from power level 1 and increase gradually.

Video Tutorial: How to Do a Foot Bath with MicroGen and Hand Cylinders?

Normally, you will not feel anything. If you experience any numbness, tingling, or other sensations, you should stop immediately.

Suggested Program Types:

  1. Detox
  2. Athletes Foot
  3. Cold Feet and Hands
  4. Meridians
  5. Stress Relief
  6. Relaxation
  7. Cold
  8. Flu
  9. Headache
  10. Insomnia
  11. Arthritis

Suggested Time:

15 to 20 minutes for each session, at most three sessions per day. We recommend having one session around 9 p.m. or an hour before sleep.


  1. Keep water temperature under 48 ℃ to avoid burns. We recommend 38~42 ℃.
  2. Do NOT do a footbath if you are pregnant or have open wounds, bleeding disorders, neuropathy, skin infections, blisters, swelling, unmanaged hypertension, hypotension, or hypoglycemia.
  3. Do NOT do a footbath for children and babies.
  4. Do NOT do a footbath right after meals.
  5. Do NOT do a footbath while hungry.
  6. Do NOT use tap water as it may damage the hand cylinder.

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