Whether you can feel anything during treatment depends on your own body condition and the frequencies. Normally, you can feel the Blood Purifier. You can feel the low- and high-power modes if they are running low frequencies, but you cannot feel them on high frequencies.

To make sure your MicroGen is working, you can do a test report or check the indicator lights.

How to Do a Test Report?

1. Press the power button for 2 seconds until the LEDs turn on. MicroGen must be turned on before creating a test report.
2. Plug the USB cable in MicroGen and your PC appropriately.
3. Click “Utils” on the menu.
4. Click “Test Report” to generate a test report.
If your MicroGen is working, you should see four green ticks in the pop-up window. If any of the parameters are off, please contact our customer service via support@heawea.com for help.
Check this blog for details.

What does the indicator light mean?

Both the low- and high-power cable has an indicator light, which blinks or stays on depending on the working status. The light blinks during BP mode and low power mode at low frequencies (<50Hz) but stays on during zapper, high power mode, and low power mode at high frequencies (≥50Hz). Both blinking and staying on mean that the MicroGen is working.

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