Yes, you can use the MicroGen for your pets. But it is best to start with 1 power level.

We have some customers who shared their dog experiences with us. 👉 You can learn more here.
Notes on Using MicroGen for Your Pets
1. Place TENS pads at least 2.5 cm (1 inch) apart near the affected area.
2. Make sure the TENS pads can stick properly on your pet’s skin. If your pet is fluffy or furry, you should shave it to expose enough skin for TENS pads.
3. Use Low Power mode and watch your pet’s reactions closely during sessions because most animals are more sensitive and less tolerant to electric current than humans.
4. Do NOT place the TENS pads near the heart or head of your pet. You can place the pads on its back, belly, or hips. Legs and paws are also possible if a large enough area exists for pad placement.
5. TENS contact kit is also viable as long as the bands fit.
6. MicroGen cannot diagnose the condition of your pet. We recommend a visit to a veterinarian for diagnosis before you use MicroGen for your pet.

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