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Is HeaWea MicroGen easy to use?

Yes, HeaWea MicroGen is very easy to use. Connect HeaWea MicroGen to the computer, turn the generator on, select your treatment programs, and transfer the programs to HeaWea MicroGen. You’re then good to go.

How can you charge your HeaWea MicroGen?

The battery is easily recharged from any computer, phone battery pack or mains adapter USB port. Recharging typically takes less than 5 hours. For extended treatments, HeaWea MicroGen can be run continuously from a USB port without damage to MicroGen.

Who shouldn’t use HeaWea MicroGen?

People who should not receive frequency treatments include those who have pacemakers, implanted pumps, or uncontrolled seizures, and women who are pregnant.

How many MicroGens can be used at the same time

There are no limits.

What is the life expectancy life of the battery?

The cycle life of batteries is about 800 times. Life expectancy should not be less than two years.

How do you know the machine is working if I can't feel anything?

The indication lights will show if HeaWea MicroGen is charged and running.

When we load new frequencies into HeaWea MicroGen, will it overwrite the previous frequencies?

HeaWea MicroGen automatically overwrites the previous frequencies to prevent confusion.

Are HeaWea MicroGen programs free?

The HeaWea MicroGen database contains about 40,000 programs and 350,000 frequencies, and it is regularly updated to catch the latest strains of viruses, bacteria and parasites. Database updates are free.

Search for your health concern in the software and select the programs best suited to your needs.

What is the recommended running time of high power mode?

High-power mode is AC. There are no limits. The time constraints are for Zapper and Blood Purifier modes only. These options will turn themselves off after running and restart the next day